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Ashley Guy

Ashley is a transplant from England where he began his working life as a professional cricket player - a career that taught him the importance of combining good talent with hard work (much the way he approaches real estate). Ashley gained extensive knowledge in agency relationships through a decade of working for and representing artist’s in the London advertising scene. Falling in love and marrying brought him to America and opened the door to his adventures in the world of real estate where Ashley garnered fame and fortune in landscaping, refurbishing and reselling undervalued homes in the Southern United States. Since moving to Idaho a decade ago Ashley has immersed himself the trials and adventures of Idaho real estate – from the boom to the bust and back again. Through it all he treats the world and those who are lucky enough to share it with him with respect, dignity and an altogether enjoyable amount of wit and wisdom. For an adventurous spirit combined with skill, hard work and diligent care, call Ashley - he’ll make your real estate adventure a top-notch experience!

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